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Today’s changing lifestyles are prompting people to seek new ways of improving their quality of life. These new aspirations have opened up a new market of personal and home services, in which Sodexo is now delivering innovative solutions.

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Childcare for preschool-age children is a major issue for parents. Traditional childcare structures tend to be saturated, out of date or poorly adapted to the constraints of busy working people in terms of opening hours. All too often, they fail to meet the demands of modern life and parents’ concerns.

Sodexo, partner of Crèche Attitude in France

Sodexo invested in Crèche Attitude, one of the country's first day-care center operators. The centers, run by interdisciplinary teams who are passionate about their work, focus entirely on the children’s development and well-being.

The centers are all easily accessible, with opening hours adapted to parents’ professional constraints. In Orléans, France, the “Chats Perchés” center is right on the way to work for many parents. Featuring a 64-square-meter terrace with playground facilities, it provides childcare for the preschoolers of employees at neighboring companies and employees of the Greater Val de Loire area and the regional Prefecture.

Crèche Attitude

Sodexo is partner of Crèche Attitude which provides childcare solutions at free-standing centers or workplace-based facilities in France.