Facilities Management

technical maintenance3Constant monitoring and maintenance are required to keep equipment and facilities operating safely at peak efficiency.

Sodexo offers critical services, such as management of computer hardware infrastructure, and a range of support services that ensure a safe and reliable physical environment. Through our experience and technical expertise, we aim for a long-term reduction in maintenance spending.



Our services include:  

  • corrective maintenance

  • preventive maintenance

  • grounds and garden services

  • facility condition audits 

  • critical services

  • pest control

  • security services

  • car park management

  • fleet management

  • subcontractor management.

More services


Business Operating Systems

While resident care and overall quality service are our priorities, we understand the importance of cost efficiency and balanced financial performance for our clients.

Environmental services

Sodexo assists its clients to become ‘greener’ organisations by using its expertise to identify ways to better manage waste and water and implement control measures to reduce environmental risk.

Asset management

Sodexo’s asset management services focus on creating a safe, compliant environment that enhances workforce productivity and maximises assets’ useable lifecycle.