Energy management

Bed occupancy, continuous additions of hi-tech equipment, the number of procedures and length of patient stay are among the factors that determine the energy consumption of a hospital. Growing demand, high costs, greenhouse gas emissions and most of all, quality service to patients have made energy conservation indispensable. Clients seek our expertise to achieve sustainable savings.

Reducing energy consumption

hospital-technical-maintenance.jpgIn Thailand, at the Bangkok Medical Center, Sodexo conducted an audit to determine potential sources of energy savings. Our teams, who are responsible for managing the Center’s 524,934 square feet of surface area, then developed an energy management program to cut annual energy consumption by more than 20

Key figures Health Care

3,646 million euro in revenues

18% of Group revenues

68,812 employees

3,758 sites

Source: Sodexo Group, FY 2015

Our Health Care solutions

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Sodexo is the strategic partner of health care establishment striving for performance, patient satisfaction, as well as reputation for excellence.