Mining Accommodation & Food Services

We provide catering, housekeeping, cleaning and laundry to give your employees the comfort they deserve on the camp. Sodexo strives to make life on camp as enjoyable and as enriching as possible for all staff-members, delivering the support they need.

Comforting accommodation and foodservices

Comforting accommodation

Housekeeping, cleaning and laundry services are important to worker morale and productivity. Our first-class services maintain the professional image of the camp. We also provide residents with a comfortable, safe and hygienic environment in which to live and work.

Creating the right work environment is crucial to the overall morale and productivity of your workforce. Sodexo understands how to best leverage our decades of experience as a mining food and accommodation services supplier to meet the specific needs of your operation. We will work with your organisation to develop an accommodation services package that comprehensively addresses the requirements of your staff, ensuring a happier, healthier and more presentable workplace. 

Eating well

Our experienced chefs develop menus for your staff that combine dining pleasure with the benefits of wholesome nutrition. Our camp catering programs can be tailored to your business’ requirements and the dietary, medical and cultural specifics of your workforce. All of our meals have been developed in conjunction with qualified dieticians, ensuring your employees are getting the support they need to stay healthy.

Choosing Sodexo means choosing one of the world’s most respected mining catering companies with a global client list including Ras Laffan Industrial City in Qatar as well as mine sites across Africa, Australia and South America and shale oil & gas extraction sites in the continental United States. We feed tens of thousands of workers around the world, providing the nutritious, nourishing meals they need to do their best work.

We offer varied and balanced food options, and pride ourselves on providing choices with reduced sugar, salt and fats to keep your workers in top condition. Good food is an important part of life wherever you are, so expect every meal to be expertly prepared by our experienced chefs.

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More services

A dedicated wellness program

Well Track is an incentives-based program that encourages your employees to get and stay in shape, both on the camp and during leave at home.

Being connected on the camp

Connect Me provides employees connectivity and support through Internet/Wifi, telephony and videoconference.

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