Wellness program for your employees

Sodexo developed Well Track, an innovative well-being solution for the Oil & Gas offshore industry. Through a comprehensive incentives-based program, offshore workers are constantly encouraged and rewarded for getting and staying in shape – at work and on leave, both physically and mentally.

Increasing employees performance while reducing costs

“The wellness program developed by Sodexo and University of Aberdeen for offshore brings real advantages to companies, both in terms of performance of those employees and also in terms of reduced costs.” says Simon Seaton, Sodexo COO who oversees offshore Quality of Life Services in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Thanks to the program, the overall "obese" and "overweight" levels at the start of the program decreased at the end.  Another key success factor with our Wellness program is the overall positive impact it has on individuals’ healthy lifestyle adoption and quality of life.

  • Male participants’ blood pressure dropped. 
  • Employees involvement in the program remained high at 65 percent.
  • Anxiety level of participants decreased leading to better sleep
  • Participants’ commitment to their company increased

During the pilot phase we were also able to track and measure the impact work/life initiatives had during home leave on the participants as we saw fitness initiatives and engagement in wellness activities increase with the intervention of the coach and home-based coaching.

A three-pronged approach for Wellness

Well Track, our Wellness program for offshore employees includes individually tailored fitness program, motivation incentives, and virtual concierge services.

More services

Comforting accommodation and food services

We provide catering, housekeeping, cleaning and laundry to give your employees the comfort they expect and deserve offshore.

Being connected on board

Connect Me provides employees connectivity and support through Internet/Wifi, telephony and videoconference.

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Remote Sites
Working on an oil rig or a mine site often means long periods of separation from loved ones, friends and off-the-job interests. Solutions exist to mitigate effects of both the physical and psychological isolation their employees may experience.