Well Track: a wellness program for remote site employees

Well Track logoSodexo developed Well Track, an innovative well-being solution for the Oil & Gas offshore industry and are now implementing it across on and onshore villages. Through a comprehensive incentives-based program, workers are constantly encouraged and rewarded for getting and staying in shape – at  work and on leave, both physically and mentally.

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Increasing employees performance while reducing costs

“The wellness program developed by Sodexo and University of Aberdeen brings real advantages to companies, both in terms of performance of those employees and also in terms of reduced costs.” says Simon Seaton, Sodexo COO who oversees offshore Quality of Life Services in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Thanks to the program, the overall "obese" and "overweight" levels at the start of the program decreased at the end.  Another key success factor with our Wellness program is the overall positive impact it has on individuals’ healthy lifestyle adoption and quality of life.

  • Participants’ blood pressure dropped.  
  • Employees involvement in the program remained high at 65 percent. 
  • Anxiety level of participants decreased leading to better sleep
  • Participants’ commitment to their company increased

During the pilot phase we were also able to track and measure the impact work/life initiatives had during home leave on the participants as we saw fitness initiatives and engagement in wellness activities increase with the intervention of the coach and home-based coaching.

A three-pronged approach for Wellness

Well Track, our Wellness program for remote site employees includes individually tailored fitness program, motivation incentives, and virtual concierge services:


Each participating employee receives a customised program for both when they are at work and at home. Through on-site coaching paired with virtual assistance, we will provide and promote activities. It includes exercise, a rotation based meal plan, a diet and nutrition campaign, recreational events, and it tracks and rewards wellness performance both at work and at home.


A global loyalty awards system is designed to drive employee behaviour and reward them for their own health and wellness improvements.  This is supported via a web-based motivation tool that allows the participant to choose from a variety of gifts based on points collected from program participation.

Home Away

A Concierge service is available for the participant and their partner. This virtual assistant helps them to improve their work-life balance. We offer a range of services such as appointment scheduling, arranging for auto maintenance, booking travel and organising childcare…

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Sodexo reinvents wellness

Sodexo reinvents wellness offshore.

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