The new gen of robotics

How robots are transforming the way we work


As the workplace becomes increasingly automated in the endless drive for greater efficiency and production, an anxious workforce worries that the machines mean human workers will be out of work and out of luck.


Organizations will be addressing the challenges that automation, AI and robotics present to their workforce, helping human employees embrace their new co-bot colleagues. Businesses will benefit from carefully considered adoption and use of technology in the workplace. Instead of wholesale personnel downsizing, employers will train and develop their people — retraining as appropriate — to empower workers to take on new and different roles. There will be a greater transparency surrounding the significance of changes in labor patterns, with stakeholders collaborating to ensure that we continue to thrive in a brave new world.


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Infographic: robots and humans, the new coworkers


About the 2017 Global Workplace Trends

Every year, Sodexo looks at the main factors affecting the world’s workers and employers now — and in the future. These trends resonate across the spectrum of employee experience and can serve as a useful tool for employers navigating a landscape that is ever evolving.

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