Less Sugar, Salt and Fats

We will provide and promote menu choices with a reduced intake of sugar, salt and fats at all client sites.

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Why Does Sodexo Engage?

Many countries’ populations have intake levels of sugar, salt and fats that are higher than both international and national recommendations.

How Does Sodexo Engage?

Sodexo follows the nutritional recommendations that are:

  • We strive to inform our consumers about the benefits of a healthy and well-balanced life,

  • We also aim at fighting obesity and malnutrition which are often linked to high intakes of sugar, salt and fats,

  • Limit salt (sodium) consumption from all sources and ensuring that the salt we use and serve is iodized,

  • Limiting overall fat intake as well as shifting fat consumption away from saturated to unsaturated fats, and by the elimination of trans-fatty acids.

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