Health and Wellness

We will develop and promote health and wellness services for clients, consumers and employees in all countries where we operate.

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Why Does Sodexo Engage?

Quality of Life is enhanced when we work, learn, visit and live in spaces designed and maintained in a way that supports health and wellness.

How Does Sodexo Engage?

We develop innovative solutions customized for each of our market segments and clients that improve health and wellness conditions on the sites where we operate, by:

  • Offering services that facilitate individuals’ healthy lifestyle choice (from concierge services to childcare, exercise coaching and more),

  • Improving the air quality,

  • Improving acoustics and aesthetics,

  • Improving cleaning techniques and products.

More commitments to promote and encourage healthier choices:

Balancing meal options Nutrition is essential for health and development. Better Nutrition means stronger immune systems and fewer illnesses, faster healing, better learning, better overall health and higher Quality of Life. Learn more

Less sugar, salt and fats : Many countries’ populations have intake levels of sugar, salt and fats that are higher than both international and national recommendations. Sodexo is helping address this. Learn more

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