Sexual orientation and gender identity

Sodexo promotes an inclusive environment for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) employees.

Sodexo promotes a company culture which is accepting of all diversities, visible and non visible. Through networks and partnerships, it strives to create a safe environment in which all employees can “bring their whole self to work”.

USA - In Sodexo USA LGBT employees and their ‘allies’ can join the PRIDE network group to share experiences, receive support and disseminate information in the organisation. Alongside 8 other network groups, PRIDE counts over 300 members.

Global - 15 employees from all over the world have joined in a new working group, which aims at educating and supporting an accepting environment across the Group.The group’s first focus is to put forward the ‘business case’ for working on LGBT inclusion, and developing partnerships and benchmarking opportunities across Sodexo.

France - Sodexo partners with L’Autre Cercle, the main LGBT organisation in the country. Through seminars, workshops and other events, L’Autre Cercle shares with our organisation its knowledge, experience and research on LGBT diversity. Sodexo has sponsored their annual meeting for the past two years.

UK & Ireland - In the UK & Ireland Sodexo partners with Stonewall, an organisation which works for equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. The entity recently entered a benchmarking exercise with this organisation, to better assess its situation and plan for future developments.

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To us, diversity isn’t an abstract concept. It is one of the keys that make the success of our company.