Diverse ethnic origins

Sodexo fights against discrimination on the basis of origin, through awareness raising programs, targeted trainings and development opportunities.

We serve clients and consumers from all countries, all national origins and all cultures. We put an emphasis on ensuring that our teams are as diverse as those of our clients, in order to better understand and respond to the diversity of preferences and expectations. This is reflected through formal commitments and specific tools (training, reporting, manager compensation) that raise awareness about discrimination on the basis of origins.

In the U.S., more than 18,000 managers and 24,000 non-management employees have participated in at least one awareness program regarding non-discrimination.

In Canada, Sodexo is regularly recognized by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business for its recruiting, training and professional development practices in aboriginal communities.

In Australia, management teams participate in training sessions on aboriginal cultures and a local hiring program has been put in place.

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(with courtesy of "Le Monde" July 16, 2010)

In Peru, young people from the local communities of Huari are able to take part in training in hotel-restaurant trades in a center created by Sodexo and one of its clients.

Diversity Charters and Labels

Sodexo has signed many charters and reference labels in diversity worldwide.