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95% of our employees are in direct daily contact with our consumers. Sodexo's success depends on our employees’ expertise, pride and pleasure in delivering our services across all of our businesses. We strive to ensure that each individual, whatever their qualifications, has the opportunity to continuously develop their skills and advance in their responsibilities.

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Ethical standard

Sodexo issued an updated statement of business integrity on February 2018, reaffirming its commitment to conducting all aspects of its business according to the highest ethical standards and guided by:

  • Statement of Sodexo’s Business Integrity principles;
  • Sodexo’s declaration of respect for human rights;
  • Sodexo’s corporate responsibility action plan.

The Statement of Business Integrity sets forth Sodexo’s uncompromising standards for business integrity, which apply to all employees and to any persons acting on its behalf. The company does not tolerate any practice that is not born of honesty, integrity and fairness, anywhere in the world where it does business. Adherence to these standards is part of what it means to be an employee of an industry-leading, best-in-class company and is key to Sodexo’s operational conduct. To ensure that these commitments are understood and applied by all, Sodexo has set up dedicated training for all, including front-line employees, and made the principles of business integrity part of the integration process for all new company employees.

Promoting access to employment for all

We develop policies providing specific support for minority and disadvantaged populations.

In France, each year for more than 10 years, we have recruited 150 people with disabilities.

In Australia and Canada, we have developed many programs to promote employment of local minorities, such as Australian Aborigines and individuals from Canada’s aboriginal communities.

Career opportunities for everyone


General maintenanceOpportunities range from entry level through to senior management in a variety of service sectors