Safety is Sodexo's number one priority

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a zero harm workplace, which includes both physical and mental health safety.

We focus on prevention which means that we focus on lead indicators, source best practice and implement controls in order to mitigate risk. This approach drives improvements by embedding a strong safety culture, while at the same time reducing injuries and their severity.

Our dedicated HSEQ teams work with Operations to comply with both local and international standards, which include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and AS/ANZ 4801.


Think Safe Be Safe logoInternally we have our safety brand Think Safe Be Safe that increases the visibility of our safety messages and reinforces our programs.



Our safety strategy is founded on five key dimensions:

Standards and systems -We apply international standards and industry benchmarks for safety and maintain integrated, quality systems to capture and validate safety information.

Governance - We set and publish ceilings for safety performance across all sites, investigate all incidents and report outcomes against ceilings.

Accountability - We insist that our people be accountable for their own safety and for the safety of those around them. We act quickly to recognise good performance and to seek remedies when incidents occur to prevent recurrence.

Prepare and support - We position safety at the core of workplace planning and staff development and training, ensuring each person understands their responsibilities. We use Think Safe Be Safe - our behavioural based safety approach - to increase engagement of our workforce and enhance our safety culture.

Visibility - We maintain the visibility of safety in our company through our safety communications, manuals and signage and via innovative programs to increase vigilance to safe work practices.



We continually strive to keep improving our safety record and ensure that we have consistency within our business, regardless of where we operate.

At Sodexo, nothing is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.

On the job training

TSBS branded hat

We appreciate staff work in dynamic environments on many sites, so all new starters wear a red cap to ensure they receive support from their colleagues in the first few months of their new role.

The three stages of this program, ‘Inform, Demonstrate, Assess’, all focus on making sure our staff understand the importance of safety on site.


“The coloured caps are really handy when working different shifts. Even after three months there are loads of different jobs, so this helps for others to give guidance to new staff.” Ben Matheson, Boddington NBG Gold Mine, WA

I Hear You

I Hear You logo

At Sodexo, we focus not just on the physical safety of our valued staff but are also committed to developing and maintaining improved levels of psychological and emotional wellbeing.