Team building activities

Sodexo employees dominican republicTo ensure residents feel motivated and part of a team, we run regular leisure, sport and entertainment events.

We work with our clients to understand general site dynamics, site population structure, corporate culture and the sources of Quality of Life for their employees. An in-depth understanding of the unique needs and expectations of residents enables us to provide customer-centric choices that promote physical, social and psychological wellbeing.


Our team of health and lifestyle coordinators are instrumental in building a successful community spirit. The regular activities organised create a sense of belonging for residents, targeting the challenges of living away from home.


A selection of the following events, depending on availability to the region, are brought to site throughout the calender year:

  • St Patrick’s Day dinner and drinks

  • Regular group and individual exercise classes including spin, aerobics and stretch classes

  • Family and friends barbecues

  • Comedians

  • Outdoor cinema

  • Music bands

  • Visiting artist/art teacher for pottery, photography, painting, drawing, mosaics

More services


Balanced diet offers

Our tailor made food offerings are prepared on site and use fresh ingredients to ensure our residents enjoy hearty, home-cooked meals.

Healthy lifestyle programs

Sodexo's lifestyle programs provide residents with the opportunity and education to make better choices for a sustainable, moderate, healthy and happy life both at work and at home.

Accomodation services

Sodexo provides daily accommodation services for village residents. Provision of comfortable accommodation can be a major factor in attracting and retaining staff in the harsh working conditions and remote environments.

24/7 concierge services

Our concierge services help village residents to manage some aspects of their personal lives from a distance, enabling them to concentrate better on their work and feel less isolated.

Think Safe Be Safe logo

Think Safe Be Safe is Sodexo’s overarching safety brand that increases the visibility of our safety messages and reinforces our safety programs.