Safety first! The only number that counts is zero

We rely on our network of Quality, Health and Safety specialists throughout the world.

Safety first! The only number that counts is zero

On an annual basis our network of 150 HSE professionals provide 335,000 hours of internal training.

Global safety standards

Sodexo Quality, Health and Safety standards are compliant with country and industry regulations. Our global support structure implements standardized reporting to track accurate Quality, Health and Safety metrics all over the world to identify actions to prevent future incidents.

Quality of Life on board for a safer workforce

In spite of all the necessary controls and protections that the industry has introduced to reach the best HSE standards, it is acknowledged that incidents due to human behaviors still occur.

One of our objectives is to understand and address human factors in safety performance.



Sodexo signs ten-year integrated facilities management contract with Rio Tinto.

SALUS : our global Health and Safety platform

Salus is Sodexo's global, multi-lingual, web-based platform, where our people around the world share experiences to improve health and safety.