Waste Management

waste managementApart from our own moral and ethical responsibilities to the environment, Sodexo is fully compliant with ever-strengthening environmental legislations and the increasing demands of our clients to demonstrate our environmental credentials.

We do so by ensuring reducing the environmental impact of both our clients and our activities. We exceed international standards, we proactively promote environmental awareness and we implement initiatives that put our commitment into action on the ground, at every one of our sites.

Sodexo in Australia is not a major direct polluter. Our greatest impact is through our consumption of fuel, energy and water, and the waste associated with our businesses.


Sodexo has proven expertise in the day-to-day management of household and technical waste at remote sites. We have sorting and recycling processes in place and set up tailor-made logistical flows for clients. We provide turnkey solutions for all types of waste, no matter how hazardous, guaranteeing high safety levels for both camp residents and the environment.

Reducing food waste

Recognising that a typical 400-person camp can throw away in excess of 120kg of food waste every day (about 43 tonnes a year), Sodexo investigated a number of commercially available units to process food waste on site as an alternative to landfill.

Sodexo now use a successful Korean-built technology, the GaiaRecycle™ unit, an innovative system that heats and dehydrates food waste to produce 80% distilled water, 10% organic “soil” mass and 10% water vapour.  In line with the Group commitment to reduce organic waste in all the countries where Sodexo operates and at client sites by 2015, Sodexo in Australia has begun trialing the GaiaRecycle™ initiative at a key client site.


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Camp design and construction

We design and build camps to receive hundreds of employees in remote areas, often under harsh conditions whether on a mine site in the artic or an oil & gas camp in the desert.

Camp design and construction

Facilities management

We deliver essential services under extreme conditions, including housing, transportation, camp maintenance, procurement and fire safety services.

Facilities management

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GreenLink is the seamless integration of five key technical services: Project, Energy, Environment, Asset and Facilities Management.

By linking our fields of expertise we can support not only the day to day operations of a business, but most importantly its long term sustainability.

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