Integrated Facilities Management

At Sodexo, we recognise the challenge organisations have in managing cost coupled with the need to maintain and improve operational performance. In order to achieve this, the direction needs to be focused on adopting a more strategic approach to sustainability, which continues to be an important trend in the FM industry.

chiller checkup3Sodexo’s energy management services focus on reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and associated costs through targeted analysis of a client’s assets and how they are used.

We identify processes, equipment and other assets that are energy inefficient or wasteful and design solutions to improve performance, without compromising employees’ comfort or safety.


Sodexo’s asset management services focus on creating a safe, compliant environment that enhances workforce productivity and maximises assets’ useable lifecycle.

We use the latest technologies and engineering best practice to tune building systems and other assets to function at an optimal level, prolonging the life of the whole asset portfolio. We undertake asset lifecycle analysis, audits and technical due diligence reviews to capture important data about the remaining life of all fixed assets.


Constant monitoring and maintenance are required to keep equipment and facilities operating safely at peak efficiency.


Sodexo offers critical services, such as management of computer hardware infrastructure, and a range of support services that ensure a safe and reliable physical environment. Through our experience and technical expertise, we aim for a long-term reduction in maintenance spending.


More services


Camp design and construction

We design and build camps to receive hundreds of employees in remote areas, often under harsh conditions whether on a mine site in the artic or an oil & gas camp in the desert.

Camp design and construction

Waste management

We are experts in the day-to-day management of household waste at your camp and technical waste at your industrial facility, going beyond mere salvage operations to encompass the entire waste management chain.

Waste management

Asset Management Framework


Sodexo delivers technical service in over 54 countries. We manage all sorts of assets in a wide variety of business environments. We have developed the Asset Management Framework to harness our best worldwide practices and define the Sodexo distinctive way for technical services and asset management.

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