The Better Tomorrow Plan

Sodexo is the recognised global sustainability leader in its market sector. In 2009, the Group adopted a continuous improvement approach to guide our actions every day: the Better Tomorrow Plan. This Plan seeks to address the issues that we have identified as being essential to our market and stakeholders and is made up of three core pillars.

The Better Tomorrow Plan is naturally central to our “Ambition 2015” strategy. Covering the 80 countries where we operate, it is based on the many local initiatives already in place and includes three milestones in 2012, 2015 and 2020

  • WE ARE - The fundamentals that are the cornerstone of a responsible company:
    Business Integrity, Human rights, Employee Springboard, Diversity and Inclusion, Health and safety, Corporate governance

  • WE DO - four priorities, 18 commitments for action:
    > As an employer 
    > Actively promote nutrition, health and wellness
    > Commit to local communities
    > Protect the environment

  • WE ENGAGE - Dialogue and joint actions with our stakeholders


Better Tomorrow Plan (full) 


Corporate Responsibility Awards and Recognitions

The rating and ranking process helps us to focus on continuous improvement, increasing our positive impact on Quality of Life.

RiavdMaas - Quote

“Having joint plans and goals in place is a win-win for both Sodexo and Unilever, but also for the foodservices guests."


- Ria Van der Maas, Unilever nutritionist

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Contact Us

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